Comments Evolved for WordPress

comments evolved plugin for wordpress

There are several commenting options for WordPress: CommentLuv, Disqus, Facebook, Google+, IntenseDebate, Jetpack, Livefyre, and you can even use the (blah) native WordPress commenting system. They all work great, but they are all different online communities, and once you pick one, it’s tough to change, because of the risk involved alienating readers and users.

Disqus has been my go-to commenting system for clients, it’s easy to set up, helps to drive traffic, and even monetizes your site driving traffic to other blogs.  Livefyre and IntenseDebate were runners-up, or I would just let Akismet and the native commenting system handle commenting.

Mythical Unicorn

Comments Evolved for WordPress is a mythical beast that magically rolls Disqus, Livefyre, Facebook Comments, Google+ Comments, and WordPress all into one jQuery trapper keeper of code. Elegant, simple, the envy of all your friends and competitors.

Easy to setup and it’s a very intuitive panel in the WordPress Dashboard. Only problem I have found with it so far, is that using NextGen Gallery with it breaks the tabs. I’m hoping one development team figures this out soon, it’s not either of their responsibility to ensure other plugins work with each, but come on.

After using NextGen Gallery for several years on different installs I am more likely to believe that something is more likely to be wrong with the way that NextGen is coded and not Comments Evolved.

A bit of warning for the ending,READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE!!! FOR EACH SERVICE!!!

Social commenting systems are not all the same and you do give up certain ownership rights when you use social commenting systems. Mostly because you are sharing on their network and the social network retains rights to things that you post. It’s not malicious, no one wants to steal your blog’s comments, but that is the value proposition for being able to have users post their comments to their social network.

I don’t think anyone should have any apprehension about comment ownership. They belong to the people who made them, it’s their reaction after all. They wrote it. So who cares?