Google Goes “In-Depth”

Google is rolling out another new search feature that they say will impact, and help, 10% of daily searches are for topics more complicated than finding out some specific piece of trivia or directions to a local business.

Check out some of the suggested searches  for this new feature from Google’s blog: population growthcapital punishment and e-waste. None of them are showing up at the moment….fail.

In-Depth Articles are similar to (and probably a part of) the Knowledge Graph. There has been much consternation over some of these changes in the search world, but change is inevitable in this industry. The Internet has become so much more than it was in 1998.

Google's homepage 1998–1999
Google’s homepage 1998–1999 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The web was largely text-based back then when Google started counting up all the links on the Internet. It’s a much richer experience now with sound, video, Flash based games right in the browser, and even having computers that just run on a browser. The content has changed because delivery has changed. It’s not VGA monitors and 56K modems, most phones and tablets can run wireless circles around those old machines.

But, in order to take advantage of this new feature you need to add the correct markup to your articles per