How To Get More Likes On Facebook


Every n00b knows that you need to be on Facebook if you want to reach potential customers on the Internet. Facebook is the most trafficked website in terms of real-time spent by users and “Likes” are the digital currency that will help drive traffic to your Fan Page and website and straight to Step 3.

Not that complicated, you need to focus on how you serve your customers and why they should choose your services over your competitors. Some of your Facebook Fans are there because they are your friends and family and want to support your business, but most “Fans” are looking for deals and discounts. Offer something for free or heavily discounted. Groupon has raised the bar for discounting, 50% is the new minimum, so go big or go home, buy one get the second one half off doesn’t really excite anybody anymore.

So once you get your value proposition for your potential and returning customers right you should evaluate what posts get the best response from your Fans and what time and what days they are most active and likely to see your posts.

If that fails you can always buy some likes by running some Facebook Ads.
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How to Get More Likes on Facebook - Infographic
Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic