LinkedIn Company Pages, Setup & Management

LinkedIn Company Wall, get it?  (Photo credit: Shekhar_Sahu)

LinkedIn Company Pages are a completely different animal than the personal profile that we went over last week. Your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume, it’s out there to get you interviews. Company Pages have a different audience unless you are marketing to HR managers and recruiters.

It doesn’t matter whether you are B2B or B2C, the basics are still the same, keep making your content available to potential customers.

This is your logo, in various sizes, mostly square, as required by LinkedIn, otherwise they will look like pixelated crap. At least if you don’t want blank mystery space showing up where your new client should see your logo. Company bio, usually short, try to be concise and use keywords for your products and services.

Products & Services
Products and services are a great feature to showcase your work, employees, link to specific pages, show videos, and run promotions. Pretty sweet. Make sure to be complete as possible.

Congratulations! You are growing to meet your burgeoning demand. Post job opportunities will get you traffic, maybe you should consider a open posting for talent, good people are hard to find. Couldn’t hurt.

Now that it’s set up make sure that you post your current works to it. Post frequently, you don’t know who you are missing when you don’t. Don’t worry about recycling some content, you don’t need to post whenever you do something new. Some advice is tried and true, never gets old or goes out of style.

So, here’s the tricky part, there are a million different ways to post to your LinkedIn account, and since the company page API has only been available since the beginning of August, as of this posting, Hootsuite is the only social media management software that really supports company pages. Good for you Hootsuite! Also a recommended product of SEO Bandwagon.