Should SEO Be Renamed?

Should SEO Be Renamed?

Search Engine Optimization is the long form of the dreaded acronym of SEO with a long history of nefarious characters and scams along with porn, pills, & casinos, the original PPC, and that’s why. Dirty filthy money to be made. People’s deepest wishes “whispered” to a search engine. I think the search engine is the dirty part, but they have an enormous mound of shit to sort through when it comes to spam and we depend on Google in this industry.

Google shouldn’t have any reason to bad mouth SEO or its many practitioners, if they know link spam when they see it, that’s on them. It’s their search engine and what they use to determine results is their business.

Can you think of a better name? Internet marketing? Not much of an improvement. Sorry marketing professionals.

I’m invested in SEO as a brand at this point, I don’t want to re-brand and buy a new domain name, and I’m busy. Optimization, optimum, optimal, (How many SEOs does it take to change a light bulb?) all convey the best of situations.

So there’s the answer to the question, BTW that keyword stuffing technique actually used to work with search engines until they got better.