Full Size Photo Backup With Google+

Google Auto Upload Photos At Full Size

“Why can’t you use the photos I texted you for the website?”

Google Auto Upload Photos At Full Size

Because when you send data over a wireless carrier they compress the data.

That’s why this is a big deal. Photos take a lot of bandwidth. Whether they are on a website or getting sent across the network the smaller they are the faster they go. Same goes for Facebook, they compress your photos so that they load quickly for your friends to see.

When you take a photo Google+ will automatically upload your photos to their storage network for easy sharing on Google+. Google+ has several photo editing features built in to make your photos look extra sharp. They are a lot better than your typical Instagram filter.

Google Drive will give you 15GBs of free storage and unlimited storage at 2040px, which is larger than typical web formats.

How To Change Auto Backup upload setting between full & standard size on Google+ App