Thanks For Participating In Google Partners Connect

Thanks For Participating In Google Partners Connect

Thanks to everyone who could attend our event last Wednesday at Google Partners Connect. One of the best presentations we have hosted in two years of Partners Connect events. Mobile is becoming so pervasive that the average person checks their phone over a 150 times a day now.

That’s about every six minutes. Getting food, ordering rides, checking in on the kids, shopping, and just about everything else is done on a mobile device now. Customers want it fast and providing a fast loading page on a site designed for mobile devices or an app is what is expected. Your site may be in need of a major upgrade.

The good news is that most of that technology is much more affordable than it once was and even small businesses can have professional looking apps for their mobile customers.

Mobile is changing advertising and how customers want to interact with businesses and have their needs catered to quickly and efficiently.

Everyone needed WiFi for their devices because we were in the basement with poor reception just to prove how connected we need to be and how much speed and reliability play a factor in the mobile customer experience and expectations.

In case you want to see the presentation again it is available here.