Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone!

Not really a post, but just a running list of some of our favorite deals.

OceanWP 50% Off

We run this on our site, the free version is great, and the extensions are even greater.

Elementor 25% Off

We also run Elementor for really simple theme customization.

WordPress, Jetpack, & WooCommerce 30% Off

Sale running until Monday, we run WooCommerce with Subscriptions on this site.


Domain Registration, SSLs, Hosting, they are running a bunch of deals and it is anything like last year, it’s worth checking in on! They run a bunch of sales on a time limited basis, so check in on the one you want and set a reminder so you don’t miss it.


We really like Kinsta and they are migrating WPEngine and [eafl id=”2185″ name=”Flywheel” text=”Flywheel”] WordPress sites for free if you sign up this month.

That’s the stack we are currently running for, no complaints so far.

ServerPress 30% Off

This let’s you build a localhost version of WordPress and push it live to your host.

Other SEO Tools and Software:


A Yoast fork/alternative,$99 lifetime price!


Great suite of tools for any SEO or agency.

SEO Powersuite & Link Assistant

ThistyAffiliates 30% Off

WordPress plugin that helps you monetize your blog. Free version is also pretty great!

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