Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone!

Not really a post, but just a running list of some of our favorite deals.

OceanWP 50% Off

We run this on our site, the free version is great, and the extensions are even greater.

Elementor 25% Off

We also run Elementor for really simple theme customization.

WordPress, Jetpack, & WooCommerce 30% Off

Sale running until Monday, we run WooCommerce with Subscriptions on this site.


Domain Registration, SSLs, Hosting, they are running a bunch of deals and it is anything like last year, it’s worth checking in on! They run a bunch of sales on a time limited basis, so check in on the one you want and set a reminder so you don’t miss it.


We really like Kinsta and they are migrating WPEngine and Flywheel WordPress sites for free if you sign up this month.

That’s the stack we are currently running for, no complaints so far.

ServerPress 30% Off

This let’s you build a localhost version of WordPress and push it live to your host.

Other SEO Tools and Software:


A Yoast fork/alternative,$99 lifetime price!


Great suite of tools for any SEO or agency.

SEO Powersuite & Link Assistant

ThistyAffiliates 30% Off

WordPress plugin that helps you monetize your blog. Free version is also pretty great!