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Can your next customer find you in Google Search?
Can your next customer find you in Google Search?

Local search generally means that when someone searches for a restaurant, product, or service there is a geographic place name in the search string to limit the results.

It is the kind of thing people used to use phone books for. They still deliver phone books, now nearly everyone uses their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Local search drives more phone calls and foot traffic than any other form of local advertising.
[Bright Local]

Even using the city you are in has become passe when Google serves you results based on your IP location and even more so when using a location based search service. This is why “near me” is replacing the city or neighborhood in search strings.

When you look at the related searches, the top searches aren’t even local, they are for brands. New York Times, Chicago craigslist, Seattle Seahawks, and Los Angeles is surprising generic. New York and Los Angeles Hotels is the only search for a local service listed at this publishing.

It’s not as if people are less interested in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Seattle, it’s that the people are taking advantage of the newest location and search technology. The technology has changed and will continue to change customer expectations. Your interaction with your customer needs to change to meet that expectation.

When you look at related searches to, “near me”, it is primarily food related. This is known as the quick close. If you are searching for food there is a good chance you are looking to eat soon and don’t want to leave the neighborhood to get it.

So how do you reach new customers in a rapidly changing environment?

It’s not any one thing, it’s the result of doing a lot of things right, using the correct data markup for your business information, and leveraging of new technology to benefit your business. Getting your business listings fixed is usually the first step and why all of our Local SEO Packages, starting at $199, include Yext so we can fix your business listings immediately.

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