Webmaster is a craft more than a job description. It includes web developers, site administrators, marketers, troubleshooters, and other alchemists. It’s a craft and an art and the webmaster must stay ever vigilant and aware.

garbage in garbage out, your analysis is only as good as your data

Inconsistent Data Within Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

Secure search and keyword not provided has caused a pretty big shake up. Google’s answer to the lack of keyword data in Google Analytics is to go use the data that is in Google Webmaster Tools. Ok, there’s just one problem with that. Google Webmaster Tools for keyword data, 75% of impressions & 85% of …

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All About Spam

Chances are you have run into spam. Crappy text, crappy links for cheap viagra or Louis Voutton handbags, endless cycles of page redirects like a labyrinth. Google has a preference for dealing with things algorithmically, but there has always been a strong suspicion that Google took manual action to fight spam or to even ‘penalize’ …

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If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings?

Just a day? “I wouldn’t worry about that much.” You will get those messages from Googlebot time to time. What you should worry about is if your site experiences frequent outages, despite length, because you never know when your site could be trafficked do you? That would be incredible information to know. It’s poor user experience …

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