Presentation For UW Communications Leadership Graduate Program – Feb 9, 2018

Creative Copywriting for Robots & Humans

Thanks for inviting me to present at your class, it was truly an honor, and I hope I was able to deliver some value, or at least be interesting to the class. If you ever want me back, I’d be more than happy to follow up with the group.

If there is anything I forgot to mention, please leave me a note in the comments.


Creative Copywriting for Robots & Humans

This is what I mean by syndicating content. The presentation is live on Google Drive, (public documents can get crawled and indexed by Google), and on SlideShare, and embedded here. I could also put the audio on SoundCloud, but I think for my purposes this is sufficient and I don’t necessarily want to manage engagement on another channel.

And the video of the presentation is on YouTube, integrated into SlideShare. Some forms of content are meant to be syndicated, others like this post, will only live on my site.

Keyword Research Tools

Google Trends – Quick related keywords, easy to compare trend volumes, works best on high volume searches and news.

Google Suggested Search – the search terms that pop up in the search bar and the suggested searches at the bottom of the page. can help you generate a list of related search terms to include in you content, or create new posts and pages from.

Ahrefs – Probably the best SEO Software around for links and content

SEMRush – My other favorite. It’s also where you can get a pretty decent content template.

Market Samurai – An oldie but a goodie, and it used to offer a free version. This is desktop software to generate keywords, find Cost-Per-Click, search volume, and search competion.

Search Engine Results Page for “local seo packages” with ranking factors: Citation Flow, Trust Flow, backlinks for the page and the domain, and

Title Competition, URL Competition, give you an idea of how many pages are in the race, the link and trust metrics are measuring who is fastest.

You know who is at position #4

Market Samurai will also help you find content, mostly dummy articles about how to improve your house or lose weight, and where to publish said content for maximum impact.

Alexa – This is an Amazon product, I haven’t found it to be much use, but they have updated their product offering

Quantcast– This is an Amazon product, I haven’t found it to be much use, but they have updated their product offering

Content Templates

This is a template I used to help create content for my Local SEO Packages.

Thanks again for having me, I’d love to be there in person if the Seattle Snowmageddon ever ends.

If anyone is more curious about SEO or publishing, Namecheap is having a sale on domain registration. I would encourage all of you to try and buy your name as a dot com and see if you can rank for your own name.

If you decide not to take the challenge, you should still protect your name, aka “your personal brand” </barf>, and own it as a domain. Even if you don’t use it, someone else might wind up owning it. Register here.

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