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Thanks for registering for our affiliate program, we wanted to share some resources to help make you more knowledgeable about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. You can check your affiliate stats here.

LastPass– We hate lost passwords. As soon as we can figure out how to charge clients for bad passwords we will. Don’t ask me what your password is, just reset it. Managing passwords for clients is a much different level. Try hundreds, if not thousands, of random strings to remember. Don’t waste your productivity and time. Get LastPass now.

Google Partners Sales Certification Course – We will add you to our team roster and increase your commission 5% if you pass your certification test. Test is 55 questions, requires 80% accuracy. Google recommends about 90 minutes for the test.

Pocket – The perfect app for reading the news you don’t have time for right now. You can finally close some of those tabs. I was actually in the top 1% of Pocket readers the last couple of years, please follow my recommendations on Pocket. You can use Pocket to share stories to Facebook and Twitter, or connect it to IFTTT for even more power.

Buffer – Buffer is perfect for keeping your social media fresh without overwhelming people. Buffer sends out Tweets and Facebook updates based on when they are more likely to engage.

Revue – Easy email newsletter, connects to social media and Pocket. The list is what is valuable, and Revue makes it easy to  find engaging content to email your list.

Google Fi – International Phone month-to-month contract from Google. Unlimited calls and texts, 1 GB of data for $10. Very reasonable.

Zoom – Screen share, it’s the best way to see what clients are seeing. Troubleshooting computers over the phone is not easy, been there and done that. Zoom is a lot easier. Let’s also assume you are going to need some tech support also 😉

Hubspot Sales Extension – This connects with your email to help track opens and clicks. Adds some other features that integrate with our CRM.

Yext Location Scan – We have this on our site to generate leads, but you can prospect businesses right from your Android or iOS Phone.

Some of these links are affiliate resources, that should go without saying (especially here), but law requires it. We will be keeping this page up-to-date, so please check back periodically. Also leave any products you feel would be helpful in the comments.

Sales is one of the most important and well-paid skills you can learn. One of the best piece of advice I can recall is, “sell, don’t get sold.” Who is in who’s sales cycle anyway?


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