December 29th Is Move Your Domain Day

There are few companies that get the varied reactions that GoDaddy does when you mention their name. Most internet newbs probably think about the GoDaddy girls such as Joan Rivers & Danica Patrick and get somewhat excited thinking about Internet riches and scantily clad females. If you have had to try and get GoDaddy to respond to your customer service requests your reaction has probably misdiagnosed as Tourette’s Syndrome.

GoDaddy really is that bad. They are a well known brand name thanks to their Super Bowl ads with the aforementioned scantily clad women. At a former employer, an Internet n00b (who also happened to be the company owner) explained to me that GoDaddy is biggest and therefore best company to have to deal with in case something were to ever happen to our server and client’s websites.

It isn’t too far off to think that a large company like GoDaddy would have good customer service (they don’t) but that is another story. The point is that GoDaddy is in the business of getting noobs on the net and keeping them dumb. Their “tools” don’t easily allow you to upgrade to something better. They keep you dumb to protect their customers.

What has come to light recently is that GoDaddy helped to author large parts of SOPA, which will dramatically change the way that the Internet is regulated. GoDaddy was kind enough to exempt itself from SOPA, and even though they have recently withdrawn their name in support of the bill they have not yet come out against it.

GoDaddy thinks you are stupid. They think they can throw up walls to keep you from moving your domain registration, but they can’t. NameCheap will donate $1 to EFF to fight SOPA for each domains transferred to them for $6.99.