Cyber Security Audit

If you aren’t concerned about cyber security you should be. Or maybe the rock you have been living under provides enough security for your local network. In this day and age you may actually be ahead in the security game.

For businesses without a bunker mentality, you need to know what the state of your network security is.

Data held hostage by cyber pirates? Or just stolen by competitors? You lost the security game because you failed to upgrade key systems or use basic security precautions like strong passwords.

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Stop being a victim and take control.

A third-party audit your website domain and email is where we recommend most businesses start with network security. Security isn’t always a top priority for outside contractors, like web developers; and your IT staff is probably already at full capacity. We can find the holes and help you patch them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Cyber Security Audit



Security Audit Key Deliverables:

Customer Security

  • Endpoint to Endpoint Security
  • Endpoint to Endpoint Encryption
  • PCI Compliance
    • PayPal
    • Shopify
    • Stripe
    • Bitcoin & Blockchain

User Security

  • Password & Login Security
  • User & Password Management
  • Account Unity
  • Consumer Device Seepage

Domain Security

  • DNS Record Check
  • SSL
  • Collision Domains vs Broadcast Domains
  • Network Optimization

Server Security

  • Port Security Check
  • Software Version Check
  • Database Security
  • Plugins Extensions & Redirects

Email Security

  • MX Record Check
  • Email Handle Hardening Pwning, Phishing

Input Domain name admin email phone number reporting email for deliverables
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Level of Audit

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