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How To Add Google Authorship To Your Web Site

How To Add Google Authorship To Your Web Site

Kind of an old video, but here is a rel=”author” description and implementation as told by a couple of developers from Google geeking out over HTML 5 design standards. That markup needs to be added to a link to your Google+ profile from your site, and your profile needs to show that you are a contributor to that specific domain.

There is also a rel=”publisher” for organizations and businesses, difference being the link is to a Google+ Page not a personal profile.

Links are becoming more semantic, weighted towards quality over quantity,  and profiles are key. Especially your Google+ profile. Duh, you should have seen that one coming.

UPDATE: Still not sure? Here’s Matt and Othar one more time.

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Kyle Alm is CEO and founder of SEO Bandwagon, developing and executing online marketing strategies beyond Search Engine Optimzation for Fortune 500 companies, Mom & Pop businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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