Inconsistent Data Within Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

Secure search and keyword not provided has caused a pretty big shake up.

Google’s answer to the lack of keyword data in Google Analytics is to go use the data that is in Google Webmaster Tools. Ok, there’s just one problem with that.


We had 12,000 search impressions according to Webmaster Tools, but I only get 3,000 of those keywords. The click keywords are even worse at 15% shown. The clicks are also way off.

There are different keywords provided in Analytics. There are zero keywords related to GoDaddy in WMT, but the Search Engine Optimization->Queries section in Google Analytics it shows up as one of my top results. Another interesting discrepancy Queries show 8,509 impressions and 155 clicks, Landing Pages show 18,908 (105%?!) and 391 clicks or 156% of the total.

How are we supposed to trust Webmaster Tools data or the Analytics data?

I could understand a little variability but this is just too much. If Google is going to take away the actual click traffic they could have at least given us some decent impression data.