Local Man Has No Idea How To Press Release

Local Man Has No Idea How To Press Release Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Stop Button Press releases have been re-purposed in the Internet era. Press releases only used to go out when you wanted to get a story in the newspaper. Newspapers always needed, and still need, copy to fill the space in-between the ads for their reading public.

In the SEO world press releases were put out there when you wanted to improve search rankings, because blogs have all the same need for copy that newspapers do and can use free copy to fill up their site, maybe get some traffic and profit. People would write press releases and put them out for the links they would get from this. It was worth the couple of hundred dollars to pay for distribution because the amount of links you would get from it, with the added bonus of optimized anchor text, would undoubtedly boost your rankings.

Google didn’t think that was necessarily a quality signal anymore due to the abuse and the lack of newsworthy press releases really backs up their position.

Which brings us to the press release in question,  Anchor Communications’ CEO T.J. Kirgin Notches 68 Klout Score. I can’t link to this site. I just can’t. I even nofollowed the link to PRWeb because it’s very existence is in direct opposition to our company’s philosophies of action driven by data, not vanity metrics and cheap tactics.

People don’t even like tweeting their own Klout scores to their followers, a press release seems just ridiculous.  My headline is stolen directly from The Onion, but when I saw the headline of this press release I had to wonder who the target audience was.

Perhaps it was dumb enough to be accidentally brilliant. They got attention, their rankings will probably improve, and in a few months hardly anyone will remember how vainglorious, ridiculous, and funny it is to put stock in a vanity metric that ranks a Twitter account that looks like mostly Retweets in the top 5% of Klout users accounts, and then brag about it.

Klout also offers something called Klout Perks. If one’s Klout score is high enough, they become eligible to redeem perks. Once users are registered, they can earn Klout Perks based on their Klout score. Perks are exclusive products or experiences one can earn based on their score.

Yeah dude, Klout Perks rule.

Sad thing is they will definitely get business out of this. And the chance that this guy was trolling the Internet is pretty low.