Meet Our New Intern, Kellan Thai

SEO Bandwagon | Seattle WA
Kellan Thai, SEO Intern

A recent graduate from Mercer Island HS, and currently enrolled at Bellevue College, Kellan Thai has done digital marketing for a local dentist managing their AdWords account, and a few other digital marketing tasks as assigned.

Kellan has been with us for about a month helping out with WordPress development and developing campaigns for Google Ads.

How Did You Become Interested In Marketing?

I became interested in marketing due to my interest in business and entrepreneurship. I knew that I would like the challenge of running my own business one day but also knew the difficulties and the struggles of starting one. As I continued to learn more and more about it, I was convinced that no matter what product or service I provided, I would always need customers. If I became a master in customer acquisition, no matter what industry I would get myself into, I would always be able to have a profitable business.

What Do You Hope To Learn At SEO Bandwagon?

I hope to get a better understanding of the digital marketing field and build my skills in SEO and SEM. I hope to deep dive into the world of marketing and learn as much as I can.

Are You Working On Any Projects Currently?

Kyle and I just finished the website “” where I was able to practice and test my skills using WordPress. Being some what familiar with the platform, I was able to explore the Elementor plugin to build a site from scratch. I had later finished a website for a small company where I was able to transfer my skills with Elementor and continue practicing with the plugin.

As of now, Kyle and I are working along side each other to build a successful Google Ads campaign for the “SEO Bandwagon” branded keywords that we hope to begin launching soon.

What Is Your Favorite Website?

My favorite website by far is YouTube as most of my entertainment and learning comes from there. During my high school I was very bored in class and YouTube help reignite my love for learning.

Do You Have Any Real Life Hobbies and/or Activites?

When I am not working or learning, I tend to enjoy a variety of things. Though I may not be very proficient in any particular one, I do find pleasure picking up something new and learning about it. My hobbies include guitar, piano, drawing, video games, game development, programming, gardening, chemistry, and etc. I also try every once and a while pickup a fiction book and read.