Content Lessons From Epic Resignation Video

Content Lessons From Epic Resignation Video

You may have seen this epic resignation video from a few months back. We’ve probably all had jobs like that, you raise your hand to offer a suggestion as an improvement that gets interpreted as criticism and now you’ve got an adversarial relationship at the workplace over something trivial.

How exactly do you tell your boss that they are keeping their eye on the wrong ball? “My boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets.” Marina Shifrin took her boss to the woodshed, rather publicly, and it struck a chord with everyone who has ever had to report to a pointy-haired manager.

She knocked it out of the park. Got a job offer from Queen Latifah and is presumably laughing all the way to the bank.

Your greatness will spawn imitators and haters.

Here’s the mommy version, it’s a job you can’t quit, hence the inherent conflict and comedy, it’s funny.

And here’s the response from her boss and company.

It feels a little mean spirited, “we just want to let Marina know (dance break) we’re hiring.” Not good luck AND we have an opening, or message received, it’s all about us again. They got the message, but they aren’t creative enough to do their own version, or even pick a different song. It’s pretty much a shot for shot parody and I really don’t need to see people using the john.

I was more than willing to accept that maybe Marina’s boss had a boss, and they only thing they understood were views. After seeing the video, it’s pretty clear that all of Marina’s criticism was spot on and confirmed her decision to quit.

Marina has nearing than 17,000,000 views, the “We’re hiring” video has 4,000,000, the mommy version has less than a million.

Be creative, be bold, and be first. The imitators are just trying to latch on to your greatness and steal a little of the spotlight. Just like I am doing right now.

For the haters and critics, you don’t make content for them, it’s for the people who get it. Do you think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would have tolerated that boss for very long? Not likely. You can’t soar with the eagles hanging out with turkeys.