WordPress 3.8 Released


WordPress Logo This is possibly the best WordPress update ever.

WordPress 3.8 (aka “Parker”) has a redesigned interface on the admin panel. Pretty much everything is where is used to be, but it is better executed and makes the old one really look old. Open Sans as a typeface really looks good. Nice and clean. The theme viewer is easier to navigate and shows options more clearly.

Default Themes Are Ugly? Not this one. The newest theme for Twenty Fourteen is amazing.

Flat design is all over this update and it appears tasteful and elegant. Although stunning and elegant, don’t forget that Parker is still a software update. WordPress updates can cause issues or break your site, so follow standard procedure to be safe.

Before Updating WordPress

  1. Full Backup
  2. Test backup on a local environment
  3. Upgrade the local site
  4. Test the local install
  5. Update

WP-Engine has automatic restore points, which eliminates the need for much of this (along with several other reasons to use WP-Engine). If you need help upgrading or customizing WordPress contact us or call 206-659-9007 today!