Fresh Spam Comments

No Spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No Spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No Spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going through comment spam is tedious and mundane, and I dislike it almost as much as I resist setting out to write. No one likes spam, but when my clients complain about getting spam comments I tell them that it is just a sign that you are doing something right, just DON’T APPROVE IT!!! Linking out to shady websites is the worst thing that you could ever do. Don’t do it.

I saw a lot of links pointing at profiles for article sites with mismatched names today. Strange. People are still doing articles. A lot of people gave compliments about my writing style, asking for web hosting affiliate codes, and raving about how they read my blog three times weekly (over, over, and over?) and useful this information is and it becomes clear that they haven’t read a thing on my website.

Part of the reason why I called this venture SEO Bandwagon was the sincerest form of parody. There is an embarrassment of riches thanks to the poseurs, gurus, douche bags, braggarts, functioning illiterate, and they all need to be ridiculed and reviled.

Spamming the Internet just to create links is bad practice, Google should have done this a long time ago. Links have needed more scrutiny since forever ago. Just focusing on search rankings is dumb anyway. Build links where the people are, where the qualified buyers are.

Crappy article sites are the past, maintaining a variety of content channels like Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, building an audience and waiting until the next big social network debuts will ultimately, this kind of content strategy will pay better dividends than spamming my blog with flattering compliments in hopes to gain my approval. Just stop it.

Not only is spam annoying, ubiquitous, and misleading, it often is for fraudulent products, worst I can think of is counterfeit medication. Talk about bad user experience. This is just beyond the pale.

Marketing what you sell online shouldn’t be just about search rankings, it should be about finding qualified traffic in every channel. Perfectly clear this time, people who have a need and a means for your services. New leads, new clients. That’s an ideal case, not all clients are really ready for boutique service, their budget and needs may be completely out of whack, or they may have had their website taken hostage.

Ultimately, Spam is really annoying, frustrating that someone is trying to take advantage of unsuspecting WordPress blogs, and sad that those tactics still have some effectiveness. Hopefully Google will continue to improve their search algorithm to continually weed out the bad apples, until a competitor comes along. website optimization is going to continue even if spam stops (please let it stop). Sales paths can always be improved, traffic can always be analyzed and increased. SEO isn’t going to die, it’s going to get less spammy and douchebaggy and that is a wonderful thing.

This is the origin of the term in case you were unaware, the repetitiousness of it certainly seems about right.