SEO Bandwagon Now Accepts BitCoin & LiteCoin

SEO Bandwagon Now Accepts BitCoin & LiteCoin
Bitcoin Art
Bitcoin Propaganda Poster (Photo credit: btckeychain)

This time we are the ones getting on the bandwagon.

As of this publishing, we now accept cryptocurrencies BitCoin and LiteCoin as payment for services rendered.

There were two basic reasons why this makes sense for our company:

  1. Our Vendors Accept BitCoin
    BitCoin may or may not be the currency of the future, but at the present time it can be used to purchase the things we need to keep our business running. Even if the value of BitCoin crashes in the future, the plan is to use them to pay for services on a short-turnaround.
  2. Expand Our Market
    There are probably not a lot of people looking to pay for Internet Marketing with BitCoin, but if there are we don’t want a payment gateway to be the reason we don’t close a deal.

We are using B̶T̶C̶M̶e̶r̶c̶h̶ Stripe, it’s quite simple to integrate into WooCommerce, Shopify, or plain ol’ HTML.

For those who longer for a simpler time, we still accept PayPal and regular credit cards.

If you try to pay by check we will try not to laugh in your face. Seriously, just get on your dinosaur and get out of here. Before we call the cops.