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Is everyone ranking on Google but you? 
If your product or service isn’t ranking on the first page of Google, it may as well not exist. Top Four Results get 60% of the search traffic and >1% goes past 10. That’s why you need SEO, even a small improvement could mean big increases in traffic and sign-ups. Our white-hat SEO Strategies will keep your business up on Google and is one of the best investments your business can make.  
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our process

We do an initial consultation to determine your business goals, develop marketing strategy, set key metrics to measure those our performance meeting those goals, and communicate regularly on our activity and accomplishments. 


Make a complete assessment
with your representative.


Define and target
your goals and metrics


Strategies are developed to meet your goals


Regular reporting on metrics and goals

What is your objective?

Optimize Content

Link Building Service

Rank #1 In Search

increase traffic

User Engagement

increase revenue

times have changed

dump your old marketing

Phone books and Yellow Pages used to be the place where customers found products and services they needed. Times have changed.

Customers use their smartphones to find what they need now and you need to be where the customers are. Your business needs to stay on top of the ever changing search results and devices. 

SEO Bandwagon can help you keep your marketing up-to-date.

Don’t let your business follow the phone book.

Our Past Customers
  • review rating 5  SEO Bandwagon did a fantastic job getting our customized WordPress website up and online!

    thumb Debbie White Allbritton

    review rating 5  I appreciate your skills and competence in creating our new site. The response has been fantastic. Thanks Kyle!

    thumb Morgan Kristine

    review rating 5  SEO Bandwagon has been a great help and resource for getting my business Web site up and running. They have immediately responded to any and all of my needs concerning my site. I highly recommend this company.

    thumb Mathew Evanger
  • review rating 5  The Best Web developing experience I have had Thus far! Kyle made my life a whole lot easier and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

    thumb Laurie McClave

    review rating 5  Kyle helped us get our website and social media under control, it was a real mess before he got started. He's been dedicated to helping us achieve our mission fighting hunger and homelessness in our community. SEO Bandwagon has done excellent work for us and we would recommend them highly to other businesses and non-profits looking to get more out of their online presence.

    thumb Mychal Boiser

    review rating 5  SEO Bandwagon has been a great help and resource for getting my business Web site up and running. They have immediately responded to any and all of my needs concerning my site. I highly recommend this company.

    thumb Mathew Evanger

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization Adds Meaning & Authority To Your Web Content

SEO helps you get web traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines, but what is it exactly? Search Engines don't understand the nuances of language the way people are able to. SEO makes it easier for a search engine crawler to understand the meaning (semantics) behind the words (syntax) and what content is more important.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important to My Business?

Why is SEO Important to My Business?

50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone made a purchase that day. 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information such as business hours, driving directions, and phone numbers. Your next customer is probably looking for you right now. Need another reason?

How Does SEO Work?

Why is SEO Important to My Business?

Your customers are most likely to see your business for the first time on Google. If they don't meet you on Google, you had better hope they walk by.

Why Choose SEO Bandwagon For My Business?

Why is SEO Important to My Business?

We talk your language, you don't have to speak ours. We understand what it takes to make your business successful online. And we back it up with data.
the vital benefits of on-site search optimization

The Vital Benefits Of On-Site Search Optimization

In the SEO world we talk a lot about search and optimizing for search engines. But there’s another type of search worthy of a place in the SEO conversation and strategy: on-site search. On-site search is exactly that: a search feature on your website. Ebay and Amazon are obvious examples

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The Power of Reviews: Lessons from Airbnb and Uber

The Power of Reviews: Lessons from Airbnb and Uber

Growing up, we were taught not to get in a car with a stranger, not to let strangers into our home, not to take food from strangers, and other best-practice habits to keep us safe and help us live long, fulfilling lives. This week, I took an Uber to my

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11 WordPress Themes for Bands & Musicians

11 WordPress Themes for Bands & Musicians

There are several WordPress themes for bands and musicians available on the WordPress Repository and on ThemeForest if you are looking for a little more control than the free band website platforms that have pre-built templates or maybe you want to build your own publishing rights, become a label, and sell

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How Can I Get My Business To Show Up On Local Search?

How Can I Get My Business To Show Up On Local Search?

Since consumers access the Internet frequently for their daily needs, it has never been more imperative to get your business online and embedded in local searches. Indeed, a local online listing for a brick-and-mortar business is mandatory. In today’s article, I’ll discuss why it’s critical to be listed on local

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Fetch as Google: Seeing Your Website as Google Sees It

Fetch as Google: Seeing Your Website as Google Sees It

Users of webmaster tools can see how Google crawls and renders their URLs with the assistance of the “Fetch as Google” tool. Working the same as Googlebot, the tool enables users to check for issues such as blocked resources and to verify that Google is able to render dynamic content

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OPG Poulsbo Logo

OPG Poulsbo, Olympic Photo Group vs Olympic Property Group

There are two OPG’s in Poulsbo, one is a photographer and the other is a company that is a much larger employer, listed on NASDAQ, and that helped found Poulsbo and other timber communities in Kitsap County. Want to guess which one ranks when you Google OPG? Poulsbo, WA is

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Thanks For Participating In Google Partners Connect

Thanks For Participating In Google Partners Connect

Thanks to everyone who could attend our event last Wednesday at Google Partners Connect. One of the best presentations we have hosted in two years of Partners Connect events. Mobile is becoming so pervasive that the average person checks their phone over a 150 times a day now. That’s about

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World Password Day

World Password Day

World Password Day is raising awareness for breaking your bad password habits before hackers break into your email or social media accounts.

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Six Free Website Builders

Technically, HTML and CSS are free, you only need a text editor to create a webpage, but that only works if you know some HTML and you still need to pay for hosting. Having a website is no longer a nice extra, it is a necessity. The downside of free

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Websites for Bands and Musicians

You and your band may not “need” a music website for your band, but it can make things a lot easier for communicating with fans, finding new gigs, or selling your music and merchandise. Band websites are probably the easiest way to share your work on social media or collect email address

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Using WordPress For Internal Communications

How To Use WordPress For Internal Communications

Most people think of WordPress as a popular CMS or as a blogging platform – and it is indeed excellent in both regards. However, WordPress can also be used to make your business more efficient as well, due to the many ways to hack the platform to increase and promote

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Hyphens vs Underscores

Yes, stuff like this matters. It matters because the programmers at Google designed the search engine to recognize and search for programming syntax and the underscore is common in programming languages. Google is still a dumb robot, it is getting better at understanding the intricacies of language, but it is

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Sept. 10th is the Internet Slowdown

You probably noticed that things look a little different on our site today and it probably is not the first site that you visited today that was displaying the same message. We are proud to support Net Neutrality for Internet Users to access whatever content they wish at the speed

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