New Acquisition Under Our Boot

Gordon Gekko
Hey kid, read the text that I am pointing at. (Photo credit: Gaynoir_)

When SEO Bandwagon was started it was just an idea to come up with a clever name to make fun of everyone getting into the industry. A good way to expose shoddy, deficient, lackluster ‘SEO’

More like exposing spammers.

When I struck out on my own as a SEO freelancer I used my personal brand keepkalm for my company brand. It was a big mistake.

It wasn’t descriptive of anything but myself, and you had to know me to get the reference. I finally realized that the jokey domain name I bought a couple of years before was the brand that I needed. It described my business better, more memorable, and it didn’t muddy the waters between Kyle Alm the person and the company that I own.

Since I never looked at SEO Bandwagon as a brand until after I was running my business someone else took a variation of my domain name and launched a business with the same name. I discovered them doing a basic Google search for my branded keywords.

They went under apparently. I’ve been monitoring the domain name for over a year now and we are pleased to announce that is finally under the proper ownership.

Also, if anyone else registers a domain name based on my intellectual property, you will be getting a cease and desist letter from a local attorney at law. Can’t tolerate that.