New Portfolio WordPress Theme For Business

You may have noticed that there is a new look around here. We are now running Valise.

Nothing personal against Genesis, we liked it a lot, and would still recommend it. We have our fingers crossed that we have effectively replaced the semantic markup that Genesis provided. So here it goes.

Valise came with a bunch of options we were looking at adding anyway, so the timing was right to update our theme and stick with a consistent palette. The brand has been under development all the way back to keepkalm internet marketing.

All the way back to the beginning SEO Bandwagon was made to do things a little differently and this launch was no exception. We went for it again and probably launched prematurely, but on the other hand when it is time to fly you jump off of something high up. Sure it’s a risk, but it’s business. The bigger risk is not jumping.

You may be missing something from the homepage, most people probably never saw the homepage, but either way it’s gone and not coming back unless you use a Konami code, but we are putting it here for old times’ sake.

Looks way better here anyway.