OPG Poulsbo, Olympic Photo Group vs Olympic Property Group

OPG Poulsbo Logo

OPG Olympic Property Group OPG Olympic Photo Group There are two OPG’s in Poulsbo, one is a photographer and the other is a company that is a much larger employer, listed on NASDAQ, and that helped found Poulsbo and other timber communities in Kitsap County.

Want to guess which one ranks when you Google OPG?

Poulsbo, WA is a community of approximately 10,000 residents, a small town by any measure, but even in a town that size you can experience brand crowding. It doesn’t matter how big your company is or how important you may be, Local Search still needs to send the correct signals to rank well, even for branded searches.

It’s not the huge important company, it’s the one with the optimized Google Listing.

Olympic Photo Group uses OPG frequently as the first three three characters of their title tag.

How do they rank for “photographer poulsbo?” Or “poulsbo photographer?”

Photographer Poulsbo Google SERP

Not bad, but not all that great either. Always interesting to see how transposing the service + locality changes the results. In this case someone is bidding on a phrase match on AdWords.

Olympic Property Group is a part of Pope Resources, formerly Pope & Talbott, and they have another division for their logging, Olympic Resource Management. orm.com is the domain that gets returned, but when you scan the site you may notice that orminc.com runs the email for the entire company. And when you enter orminc.com you get the same site as orm.com.

Canonical tag? Nope.

If you ever hear someone talk about “duplicate content,” this is exactly what they are talking about. An entire domain’s worth, or more, of it.

Keywords are set for “DotNetNuke, DNN”. It’s more funny than anything. And people wonder why SEO is a job. We’re hiring…

Basically we have two companies that aren’t targeting keywords effectively and making problems for each other more than anything. From what I can gather at OPG/ORM they aren’t too concerned about their web presence or search exposure. Maybe it is more a problem for people trying to find them on Google Maps but it doesn’t really affect their core business that much. Most people know where their office is and it is a really small town.

The easy fix is to set a canonical at ORM.com and for Olympic Photo Group to put OPG at the end of their title tags, like so: Senior Portraits | Olympic Photo Group Poulsbo, WA. Might as well spell it out and get another keyword in the title.

To my way of thinking, both of these companies are missing out on opportunities in search. Neither are targeting keywords very effectively. I have a hard time believing that anyone Googling OPG is really looking for a photographer, but I might be wrong.

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