WordPress is the open-source software that runs 1 out of 5 websites on the Internet. With a community of developers for themes and plugins WordPress doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. If you add it up by content it is probably responsible for exponentially more posts, pages, and media on the web.

Newspack: WordPress & Google Joint Venture for News Publishing

Google has been developing WordPress products for several years and launched Newspack as a partnership with Automattic, Google News Initiative, and the Knight Foundation to help publishers manage and monetize their online news stories. WordPress powers between 20-30% of the Internet's content depending on who did the counting. Google powers…

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11 WordPress Themes for Bands & Musicians

There are several WordPress themes for bands and musicians available on the WordPress Repository and on ThemeForest if you are looking for a little more control than the free band website platforms that have pre-built templates or maybe you want to build your own publishing rights, become a label, and sell…

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Websites for Bands and Musicians

You and your band may not "need" a music website for your band, but it can make things a lot easier for communicating with fans, finding new gigs, or selling your music and merchandise. Band websites are probably the easiest way to share your work on social media or collect email address…

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How To Use WordPress For Internal Communications
WordPress can be used to keep your team in touch, on task, and on message. Image source: Shutterstock

How To Use WordPress For Internal Communications

Most people think of WordPress as a popular CMS or as a blogging platform - and it is indeed excellent in both regards. However, WordPress can also be used to make your business more efficient as well, due to the many ways to hack the platform to increase and promote…

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WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Released

WordPress 4.0, "Benny", is available for download.  Feature upgrades include another upgrade to the Media Library, better native oEmbed support, and a new Plugin Installer. Visually it is a huge improvement and increased utility managing content. Plugins and Media have needed the most attention, Media more so than Plugins. Media still…

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We Don’t Do Web Design

When I tell people that SEO Bandwagon doesn't do web design I get wide eyed, mouth agape, stares from potential clients. I actually had to add a category to my blog just for this post. It makes sense after I explain it. Design takes a lot of time, getting client…

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WordPress 3.8 Released

This is possibly the best WordPress update ever. WordPress 3.8 (aka "Parker") has a redesigned interface on the admin panel. Pretty much everything is where is used to be, but it is better executed and makes the old one really look old. Open Sans as a typeface really looks good. Nice…

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Comments Evolved for WordPress

There are several commenting options for WordPress: CommentLuv, Disqus, Facebook, Google+, IntenseDebate, Jetpack, Livefyre, and you can even use the (blah) native WordPress commenting system. They all work great, but they are all different online communities, and once you pick one, it's tough to change, because of the risk involved alienating…

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Fresh Spam Comments
No Spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fresh Spam Comments

Going through comment spam is tedious and mundane, and I dislike it almost as much as I resist setting out to write. No one likes spam, but when my clients complain about getting spam comments I tell them that it is just a sign that you are doing something right,…

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Jetpack, the WordPress Plugin We Love to Hate

First off, WordPress is amazing software. And it's free. That doesn't mean that it's perfect, but I am a big fan. Jetpack has an alluring promise, Content Delivery Network via WordPress.com, fancy tiled images, social sharing options that includes commenting, and several other handy features. Here's the problem: It's slow.…

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AutoMattic/WordPress Flexes GPL Muscles on Envato Themeforest

In case you hadn't heard, there is a mini-battle brewing between WordPress Foundation & Envato, marketplace for designers and coders, over GPL Licenses for WordPress derivative products.  Jake Caputo is a designer who is caught in the middle of this GPL battle between two of the largest entities in the WordPress "community" and…

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