2020 Year In Review

selective focus photography of brown and black 2020 eyeglasses

For the humans that are still with us, in this foul year of our lord, two thousand and twenty, was probably one of the most challenging years of your life and worth every bit of hindsight and self-congratulations you can muster. It’s been tough. Professionally, there have been a lot of successes at SEO Bandwagon […]

Avast Rejects Jumpshot Over Privacy Outrage

Basketball Jumpshot

In a direct response to Vice and PCMag’s article on Avast Antivirus, Avast’s Corporate Board and CEO Ondrej Vlcek ceased operation of their data subsidiary Jumpshot. It seems that core mission of Avast cannot be uncorrupted by the sale of their user’s data.  “I realize the recent news about Jumpshot has hurt the feelings of […]

Google Announces New Nofollow Link Attributes

Google Nofollow Sponsored UGC Links

In a move that confused many in the SEO community, Google expanded upon the rel=”nofollow” attribute to include: sponsored content, user generated content, and good old fashioned nofollow. Danny Sullivan, Search Liaison at Google, has stated that this will help Google better identify paid content across the web. Presumably, the more sites that identify sponsored […]

Meet Our New Intern, Kellan Thai

SEO Bandwagon | Seattle WA

A recent graduate from Mercer Island HS, and currently enrolled at Bellevue College, Kellan Thai has done digital marketing for a local dentist managing their AdWords account, and a few other digital marketing tasks as assigned. Kellan has been with us for about a month helping out with WordPress development and developing campaigns for Google […]

Tumblr Acquired By Automattic

Tumblr Logo Band by Josh James

In a move that seemed to catch everyone by surprise, Automattic/WordPress acquired WordPress yesterday. A merger that was quite the opposite of an incredibly hyped acquisition by Yahoo. It was only 2014 when Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo and newly hired CEO Marissa Mayer at a valuation of $1.1B. At the time the deal looked […]

Online Branding Tools & Tips

Branding is how you distinguish yourself in a crowded and competitive marketplace. It’s not just your business name, and/or your logo, but it’s a collection of all of the sensory elements that make up your business and how your customers respond, interact, and remember their experience. Branding is certainly its own skillset within marketing, and […]

Newspack: WordPress & Google Joint Venture for News Publishing

Newspack WordPress & Google

Google has been developing WordPress products for several years and launched Newspack as a partnership with Automattic, Google News Initiative, and the Knight Foundation to help publishers manage and monetize their online news stories. WordPress powers between 20-30% of the Internet’s content depending on who did the counting. Google powers more than 90% of search […]

New Year’s Resolutions For Business Owners

Let’s check in on last year’s resolutions: Backups Updates, WordPress 5.0 leaves us with an incomplete heading into the New Year, but we upgraded our important sites. Password Security We still recommend LastPass or just updating passwords, or maybe just getting rid of them altogether. Upgrade to SSL This is free in most cases, so […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone! Not really a post, but just a running list of some of our favorite deals. OceanWP 50% Off We run this on our site, the free version is great, and the extensions are even greater. Elementor 25% Off We also run Elementor for really simple theme customization. WordPress, Jetpack, & WooCommerce 30% Off […]

Free Twitter Unfollow Tools #TwitterPurge #Unfollow

Free Twitter Unfollow Tools

Twitter purged a bunch of fake accounts last week. It’s a bold move for a company that had created value based on it’s user count. But as most of us can attest, fake accounts are a real drag, and getting rid of them hasn’t hurt Twitter’s stock price in any discernible way. We want to […]

Wix SEO Review

Wix SEO Review - Evergreen Dodgeball League

We did a Wix SEO Audit a few months ago when some annoying ads on YouTube got my attention and (re)raised my ire at the web platform. When I realized that they weren’t even able to rank their spokesperson for her own name (.com) I just about lost it. In my opinion, brand keywords are […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Stop Making New Year's Resolutions 2018

New Year is a great time for self-reflection and a milestone to measure accomplishment, but it”s really not worth waiting for. I’m pretty sure that these great ideas to make you a better, more complete person, didn’t just hit you after Christmas. You’ve known for some time what you need to do, this is the […]

How to Show Businesses with Small Budgets That They Need Your SEO Services

How to Show Businesses with Small Budgets That They Need Your SEO Services - Boostability

Although SEO is essential for businesses of all sizes, you could argue that it is most important for small businesses. Startups and companies that lack visibility online need to establish themselves as experts in their niche. They need to show that their products and services are invaluable for improving lives. The only way to do […]

Google Partners Connect – Retail

Google Partners Connect -Retail

Thank you to everyone who made it to Google Partners Connect last week. Apologies to anyone who had trouble getting into the building, we were unaware that the building was less accessible because of WeWork Summer Camp. We left a note on the door and tried our best to keep an eye out for attendees, […]

Why Wix Is Bad At SEO

Karlie Kloss Creates a Website with Wix.com

It has become recently fashionable in the SEO sector to kick Wix, sorry to pile on, but Wix SEO is a bit of a joke frankly and I’m getting pretty annoyed with their practices and a particular YouTube campaign they are running. Wix has been bombarding me (anyone else?) with ads from Karli Kloss about […]

Build A Free Website With Google My Business

Google My Business

We recently received a request from a client to migrate their old website to a new platform. We were already considering using Google Sites and after reading Mike Blumenthal’s post on the number of sites created with Google My Business we decided to check out this new feature to see if it is worth recommending […]

Celebrate Food Pics With Google Local Guides In July

How To Take Food Photos

Google Local Guides have been celebrating July with food pics at their favorite restaurants. You may have noticed some extra activity in Google Maps and your Google My Business account. I’ve certainly noticed some more reviews and photos for my restaurateur clients. In terms of search marketing, people looking for a “restaurant near me,” want […]

Selling SEO: Small Businesses and Small Budgets

Selling SEO: Small Businesses & Small Budgets

SEO can help any company of any size. But there’s no doubt that small businesses need SEO the most AND face the toughest SEO challenges, not the least of which is smaller budgets. Small businesses are often focused on larger growth margins and are looking to double or triple in size. In the same time […]

The Vital Benefits Of On-Site Search Optimization

the vital benefits of on-site search optimization

In the SEO world we talk a lot about search and optimizing for search engines. But there’s another type of search worthy of a place in the SEO conversation and strategy: on-site search. On-site search is exactly that: a search feature on your website. Ebay and Amazon are obvious examples of websites with prominent on-site […]

The Power of Reviews: Lessons from Airbnb and Uber

The Power of Reviews: Lessons from Airbnb and Uber

Growing up, we were taught not to get in a car with a stranger, not to let strangers into our home, not to take food from strangers, and other best-practice habits to keep us safe and help us live long, fulfilling lives. This week, I took an Uber to my Airbnb and ordered takeout delivered […]