Become a Google City Expert

Google City Experts

Are you an expert on all the best places to eat, shop and play in your city? If so, then we want you to join the Google City Expert program and start receiving exclusive perks! The Google City Expert program brings together the most active users on Google Maps who write reviews and upload photos of local places.

If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings?

Just a day? “I wouldn’t worry about that much.” You will get those messages from Googlebot time to time. What you should worry about is if your site experiences frequent outages, despite length, because you never know when your site could be trafficked do you? That would be incredible information to know. It’s poor user experience […]

CNAME vs A Record

CNAME vs A Record

CNAME records are used to identify multiple domain names that point to the same IP address. An A record points directly to an IP address. That should make perfect sense. But in case it doesn’t there is a video. Essentially a CNAME record is used when you don’t have access to a A record, like […]

Jetpack, the WordPress Plugin We Love to Hate

Jetpack, the WordPress Plugin We Love to Hate

First off, WordPress is amazing software. And it’s free. That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, but I am a big fan. Jetpack has an alluring promise, Content Delivery Network via, fancy tiled images, social sharing options that includes commenting, and several other handy features. Here’s the problem: It’s slow. One of the slowest, if […]

If I have 20 domains, should I link them all together?

If they are brand related it’s not a bad idea to own multiple top-level domains, but if you are meaning to manipulate Google, duh, they hate that. Stop it. Keywords in domain names are being devalued because of that strategy. You could try to be clever and put your main service in your company name, […]

Free SEO Advice

Free SEO Advice

The best free seo advice I can give a small business that is looking to manage their own Internet presence is to focus on what you can control. You can’t control the next algorithm update. You don’t own your Facebook Page, Pinterest Account, Google Local Listing, Yelp!, or any of the social media sites. Owning a domain […]

Fresh Scratch, Welcome Aboard!

fresh scratch logo

An old friend of mine is also our newest client at SEO Bandwagon, Kelli Samson and her blog Fresh Scratch have outgrown and it was time to step up to a self-hosted WordPress install to have better options for monetization, tracking, themes, etc. So we’ve updated the theme, added some functionality with plugins, semantic markup, […]

Clicky Web Analytics

Clicky Web Analytics

Clicky Web Analytics is a good compliment to Google Analytics, their premium product may cause you to switch completely.

What John Wooden Taught Me About Search Engine Optimization

John Wooden was a legendary basketball coach. His NCAA record for championships is possibly the loftiest in athletics and will never be broken. Most college basketball coaches aren’t fortunate enough to win one championship, let alone TEN. Wooden has nine consecutive championships plus another one a year later. Plus an undefeated season, no one has […]

How To Get More Likes On Facebook

Every n00b knows that you need to be on Facebook if you want to reach potential customers on the Internet. Facebook is the most trafficked website in terms of real-time spent by users and “Likes” are the digital currency that will help drive traffic to your Fan Page and website and straight to Step 3. […]

Why Do I Need Content?

This is a major pet peeve of mine. Not the rule, but the client who refuses to get it. Content is what makes your site work. It’s what people (and search engines) read and look at on your site. Even these WordPress themes don’t look right unless there is something there. The best analogy I’ve […]

What Makes A Website Fast?

The easier question is, “why is this so slow?” But asking a question in a positive is worth evaluating on it’s own. The folks over at Visually did a nice infographic on page loading speeds and what makes a page loader faster than others. Compress images, javascript, and CSS, minimize http requests, and running up-to-date […]

How Does DNS Work?

Domain name service (DNS) takes domain names and converts it to the server’s numeric IP address.

Watch Out For SEO Scumbags

Fucki It, Just Buy Some Links Bill Murray

Dom Hodgson wrote a fantastic piece about some of the shady SEO practices that have lead many to declare “SEO is dead” or start calling themselves Inbound Marketers, Data Analysts or Internet Marketing Specialists. I don’t use that term lightly, it’s reserved for a special kind of person that puts peoples livleyhoods at risk. There […]

WordPress is Better Than Blogger for SEO

Self-hosted install is way better than Blogger. There is no contest between the two sets of features. You can even listen to Matt Cutts just to be sure. He didn’t answer is is better than Blogger, probably closer to a toss up, but Blogger does have some pretty intriguing looking options for monetizing your content […]

AutoMattic/WordPress Flexes GPL Muscles on Envato Themeforest

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a mini-battle brewing between WordPress Foundation & Envato, marketplace for designers and coders, over GPL Licenses for WordPress derivative products.  Jake Caputo is a designer who is caught in the middle of this GPL battle between two of the largest entities in the WordPress “community” and who can and cannot present […]

Discovering Local Citation Opportunities – SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday


It’s Whiteboard Friday at SEOMoz and they are going over local citations, most likely because they are excited about their recent acquisition of & David Mihm. SEO Bandwagon is also excited by this, SEOMoz Tools was already so good it was a must, GetListed fills a small hole in their suite of tools. Quick […]

Web Analytics Options

Lord Kelvin

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The above quote is often attributed to Lord Kelvin or W. Edwards Deming. For our purposes, the attribution doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment behind it. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to improve your website, your car, your home, or whatever, without data there […]

Subdomains vs. Folders

Subdomains vs. Folders

Yes this does totally matter. Subdomains usually get treated as distinct websites by Google. Google Webmaster Tools are setup for this, Google Analytics also needs an extra step to track across subdomains, you get the idea. Matt Cutts is pretty clear that this shouldn’t be a decision that you labor over and it, whichever is […]

December 29th Is Move Your Domain Day

There are few companies that get the varied reactions that GoDaddy does when you mention their name. Most internet newbs probably think about the GoDaddy girls such as Joan Rivers & Danica Patrick and get somewhat excited thinking about Internet riches and scantily clad females. If you have had to try and get GoDaddy to […]

Hello world!

Hello World!

This is the initial launch, and I know that I’m doing it “wrong.” No I’m not. Even if I am I don’t care. The industry is wrong more often than not. A lot of Search Engine Marketers, Search Engine Optimizers, Search Analysts, Online Marketers or whatever you want to call them believe a lot of […]