Internet Marketing Consulting Services

If a page gets put on the Internet and no one sees it, it might as well not exist.

So how does your business get found? It depends…

Internet Marketing Consultant Diagram
This isn’t SEO for Dummies. When you are ready to step up and get serious you hire a professional.

Marketing is the definition of who your customer is. You’ve probably seen the “ideal customer” worksheet. It may seem like a dumb worksheet, but it is designed for you to start defining who your customer really is. The more flesh out your customers, the more you can know about where you should be looking to for that ideal client.

What industry are they in? What do they read? What search engine do they use? What is their biggest pain point in business, how can you fix that, and what is that worth?

Marketing is a practice in conceptualization. Quite literally is visualizing your success in the form of expected customers.

The practice of Internet marketing is only a difference in tactics, not strategy. The basics are always the same:

  1. Identify your ideal customer
  2. Present your product to your customer
  3. Close the sale

It’s not all that complicated, except for all the steps in-between. But that’s what we do. We fill in the technical aspects and help you get found by customers who are looking for your products, services, or solutions.

SEO Bandwagon offers high-value Internet Marketing Consulting Services that aren’t just about rankings. Optimization is also about getting the most out of your web traffic, and that means clients. We offer Local SEO packages and custom quotes for eCommerce and regional, national, and/or international targeting.